Do I have to be in shape to do normal class?

No we start all clients at east pace, more interested in how a person moves then speeding up intensity through clients rate of growth. 

Do I need to know all the movements?

No we do a lot of daily teaching, even with veteran members.

Are you all like a globe gym?

No we stick to a lot more personalized coach to athlete fitness classes.

What do I need to go to gym?

Just your water and workout attire.

Do I need to take certain supplements to lose weight faster?

We recommend and emphasize sticking to a healthier diet before taking any supplements. A great diet is base of healthier lifestyle.

Are your classes only for weight loss?

No, depending on what your goals are, whether they are sport specific, toning, or weight loss we can adjust even class workouts to attain your goals.

Will weightlifting make me bulky?

No, the weightlifting we incorporate in our regular classes is meant to make you stronger, and fitter. We will not make you lift beyond your means.

Are the workouts bad for my joints?

We do a lot of mobility work and keep the workouts as safe as we can while keeping them intense enough to accelerate your heart rate.

Am I to old or to young to be doing workouts?

We work with clients that are aged from 13-68 fitness is a lifestyle for everyone.